As we considered the RENEW2 campaign and the goal of paying down our remaining debt, this question arose:

“What’s next after RENEW2?”

More directly…

“How will we invest financial resources once our debt is gone?”


Fifth has a long history of supporting mission efforts around the world because we believe that people need to come to Christ. The Bible describes mission as involving two primary elements: making disciples and planting churches.


In a very basic way, that is what’s next. That is where we will continue to invest our resources. We are going to make disciples and plant churches.


Over the last couple years, we worked hard as a church to clarify vision through a strategic planning process. That process gave us a clear discipleship pathway around which we plan to build all our programming. The pathway involves the four big commands of Jesus: Repent, Believe, Wait, and Go.


With “Growing disciples who make disciples” as our primary focus, we will invest in learning how to disciple others.

As we grow in our discipling capacity, we will continue to plant churches which are also committed to growing disciples who make disciples.

We have learned how to “parent” a church, having planted two churches in the last ten years. A typical church plant requires about $60,000 in funding from the parent church.


My hope is for a day when we can plant one church per year – generating the financial and leadership resources from within our congregation.