Impact Stories - RENEW2


The committee working on RENEW2 started by gaining an understanding of the initial building expansion goals and understanding if they were met. We are thrilled to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback and personal stories on what this project has accomplished in three short years.

Member Story - Lois Lindhout

When I first started attending Fifth, the new lobby and facility renovations were underway.  My initial thoughts ranged from “looks huge for a lobby at a church, too expensive. I couldn’t imagine a lobby being used in so many ways as Pastor Jon shared with me to how the cost of that project could be reconciled”.  Since it’s been finished, I see all of the wonderful things that are happening in the space and I so appreciate it.  I love being in the space after church, sitting with my friends at the big table and seeing all the activity, all the people talking, especially the young people talking with the older people, and the kids running around.  I’ve seen the bounce house being used multiple times and the kids enjoy it so much, the Christmas decorations are so pretty and I enjoy singing carols in the space.  As I think about the space, now, it’s so much more than a lobby, it’s become the heartbeat of the church.


Fifth Kids - Lindsey Lugo


In the Spring of 2019, Fifth Kids hosted a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt.  The new lobby provided a wonderful space for everyone to gather around, see, touch and hear the story of Easter.

Jump Days - Jordan Humm

We hosted Jump Days for about 9 weeks this winter where we opened the lobby up to the community for a few hours on Thursday morning for donuts, coffee, and the bounce house. The idea was to give parents of young kids an activity to relieve cabin fever, and we had an average of four families come each time, many of whom are our neighbors. It was an awesome opportunity to be hospitable to our neighborhood and love people with practical care.


JHAF & YAF - Christian Verwys