Holy Week

Service of Reflection & Prayer

Wednesday|April 8

Preparation for Worship

Judas betrayed Jesus to become one of the most

reviled characters in all of human history.

But is his story really that unique?

Perhaps the story of Judas hits closer to home

than we'd all care to admit.

I'm the one who held the nail, it was cold between my fingertips
I've hidden in the garden, I've denied you with my very lips

God, I fall down to my knees with a hammer in my hand
You look at me, arms open

     Forgiven, forgiven
     Child there is freedom from all of it
     Say goodbye to every sin, you are forgiven

I've done things I wish I hadn't done, I've seen things I wish I hadn't seen
Just the thought of your amazing grace and I cry, "Jesus, forgive me!"

God, I fall down to my knees with a hammer in my hand 

You look at me, arms open 

I could've been six feet under, I could've been lost forever
Yeah, I should be in that fire but now there's fire inside of me

Here I am a dead man walking, no grave gonna hold God's people

All the weight of all our evil lifted away forever free

Who could believe, who could believe?

     Forgiven, forgiven
     You love me even when I don't deserve it
     Forgiven, I'm forgiven
     Jesus, your blood makes me innocent
     So I will say goodbye to ev'ry sin

     I am forgiven...

Prayer with Confession

In silence or aloud, offer your private prayers

of confession before God...

Then, thank him for his blood that makes you innocent...

God's Word

Take a few moments and read

through these texts in your Bible...​

  • John 12:1-6

  • Luke 22:1-6

  • John 13:21-30

  • Matthew 27:1-5

Judas the Betrayer 2 Craig PCraig Piersma
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Silence and Reflection

As it turns out, Judas’ story is my story. 

Judas’ story is your story.

Without Christ, we would be consumed by our sin,

unable to make things right with God, destined for death. 

Christ took our place on the cross.


As you listen to the following song, imagine yourself

as the thief on the cross, examine the enormity of your sin,

the consequences deserved…

and ultimately, the joy of knowing that thanks to Christ redemptive work,

you will be with Him in paradise.

Holy Week Worship Schedule (online)

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