Why Circles Are Always Better Than Rows

Pastor Andy Stanley recently preached a sermon with a simple but important point, "Circles are always better than rows." The message implies that when we think of "Church," we ought not think immediately of what happens on Sunday but rather what happens every single day when smaller groups come together to build one another up in faith and life. Why? Great question!

Because, life lived in community is ALWAYS better than life alone. If you look at the Creation story in Genesis, God repeatedly states that he was "good" with what he had created each day. That includes us. He looked at mankind and said that we were "good." The only time he says something he had created was "not good" was when he saw Adam was alone. So, he did something about it. From then on, God walked daily with Adam and Eve in community.

Because the Church has ALWAYS met together in this way. From the very first church in Acts chapter 2, we read that they continued to gather at the temple courts (worship) daily for worship and from house to house (small groups) in order to build a true and complete sense of community. That's why we are calling our small groups, "Community Groups." If you only come to worship with us on Sundays we welcome you and encourage you to get into a community group. If you are just trying out our "Mom's Time Out," we welcome you and encourage you to join a community group. If you aren't even a Christian but want to know what it's all about, we welcome you and encourage you to join a community group! If you do anything through Fifth other than worship, make it a community group.

You can signup today, right here online!

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