Hop on the Bus, Gus!

​We need a new bus! For the last few years, we have been holding our smaller bus together with “duct tape and band aids.” Our desire is to continue, and to improve, our Sunday morning transportation ministry. To do so means investing in a new vehicle.

Because it is equipped with a wheelchair lift, this bus will increase our accessibility to those with mobility challenges. It will help us with Sunday mornings and with local transportation needs for groups from Fifth and friends of Fifth. It will also give us a 20-person vehicle capable of traveling longer distances for mission trips to places like Chicago, Orlando, etc.

The price tag is $72,950, and with taxes the total cost will be close to $78,000. If you are in a place where you are able to give, we invite you to consider a one-time, financial gift above and beyond your regular giving to help purchase this bus for the church.

If you have questions about giving to this need, feel free to contact our Business Administrator, Clyde Richardson. Gifts may be mailed to the church or dropped off in the church office. Please put a note on your check reading “New Bus Fund,” and we will get the money directed in the right way.

You may also give online by clicking the button below, selecting “New Bus Fund” in the fund menu and setting up your gift.

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