At Fifth we strive to grow active worshippers rather than passive observers. We consider worship a verb. Worship Band & Instrumentalists – we are always looking for musicians/singers of any kind to play with the band and or supplement worship with their instrument, be it trumpet, violin, etc. We are particularly looking for more guitarists and drummers this fall. Singers may audition any time throughout the year. All ages welcome – it doesn’t matter your age, but rather your level of music playing/singing.

Dance Team

Janna Lange (Kooi)

Worship Arts Director 

Please consider how you or those music lovers in your family might

be able to connect. Contact Janna Lange more information.

The Dance Ministry is directed by long-time team leader/instructor, Sue Wilson. Dancers lead in worship approximately every six weeks. No experience necessary. Opportunities for all ages and genders.

Scripture Reading, Writing and Drama

This team offers the chance to present during Sunday morning worship, special services and events. For people of all ages who are comfortable reciting, acting or writing creatively.


King’s Kids

This is a choir for 1st – 6th graders. These kids lead worship approximately every 4- 5 weeks throughout the school/program year. They also produce one musical each year.


Celebration Choir (10th grade-adult)

we are changing the way we 'do' (adult) choir at Fifth - we are hoping this will give others (like you) the opportunity to participate. We will be singing four times before Christmas and rehearsals are no longer every week. You can get the music and a listening CD ahead of time. You can sing for each event or as you are available.

Worship Space Design

This team plans and initiates the seasonal and event-oriented worship spaces.

Media Arts 

The Media Arts Team produces images and sounds to enhance the worship experiences. If you have an aptitude or love for things technological, we’d love to have you minister on one of these teams. Do you love creating PowerPoint projects or videos? Do you have experience on a sound board? Would you like to learn and be mentored? We’ll find a place for you.